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Weekly Coaching Roundup - December 2019 (Seasonal)

Welcome back to TeachBoost's Weekly Coaching Roundup, our hand-picked list of first-person perspectives, resources, and tools from instructional coaches.

From the Coaches

Elizabeth Stein reveals three barriers to co-teaching and how practicing gratefulness can help overcome them, in "Keeping Gratitude at the Center of Co-Teaching."

Mary Ann Ranells strongly recommends celebrating successes with your peers in professional learning communities, in "Joyful Noise."

Matthew Kelly suggests that the challenges schools face are too complex for simplified either-or thinking, and shares how "adaptive solutions" that evolve over time are what really help address complicated issues, in "The Binary Myth."

Steve Barkley shares a great analogy between a lifeguard and teacher, exploring whether it's more important to "save" struggling teachers or to provide tools to teach them instead, in "The Role of Struggle."

Vicki Collet has some great advice for coaches on being more conscious of the language they use when working with teachers, so that they can better create a culture of change and innovation, in "Would You Be Willing?"

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Every month we also like to focus one a specific topic or interest area in the IC world.

Things like different approaches a coach can take to introduce themselves to their peers or techniques to build relationships with admins. Here are a few other recent ones:

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