TeachBoost Coach helps instructional coaches become the most valuable support teachers have.

Introducing the first technology platform specifically for instructional coaches. TeachBoost Coach is the one-stop shop you've needed to make the impact of coaching visible to teachers, leaders, and yourself.

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Whether you're an experienced coach or just beginning your journey, TeachBoost Coach brings together all of the systems you use.

From your calendar to evidence to meeting notes, consolidate your coaching work into one place for you and your teachers.

Caseload Manager

Transparency at your fingertips

The Caseload Manager shows the progress of each of your coaching cycles so you never have to wonder what's next.

Every coaching cycle starts with a goal, and you'll never lose your focus with TeachBoost Coach. The best practices of coaching cycles are directly embedded in the tool to support you each step of the way.

If a teacher is given the opportunity to develop professionally on their own terms and set their own goals, they will be much more invested in working with you. —Kelli Coons

Keep the teacher's goal top of mind.

No matter the methodology you follow, every coaching cycle starts with a goal. Use the Kickoff Meeting to articulate what you'd like to achieve together in your work during the coaching cycle. 

The goal will follow you throughout the coaching cycle, making it easy to tie back your work at each stage to the "big picture."

Goal setting on TeachBoost Coach
Coaching cycles on TeachBoost Coach

Spend more time coaching with effortless coaching cycles

TeachBoost Coach makes it easy to collect evidence and provide feedback through notes, video, and your resources—without having to dig through a spider web of folders or files.

Move the coaching cycle forward through classroom visits, reflection, and debrief meetings. Our Google Drive integration brings everything you're working on into TeachBoost Coach.

In addition, TeachBoost Coach includes:

  • Two-way calendar integration with Google and Microsoft.
  • Single sign-in to Google or Office 365 with one click—no extra password needed!.
  • Unmatched customer support with help videos, guides, and FAQ resources.
  • Coming Soon: A mobile app to quickly capture photos, videos, and notes during classroom visits.

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