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Stay organized, build stronger relationships, and never fill out another coaching log. TeachBoost Coach works great on any device and connects directly to your calendar and GDrive!

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Whether you're an experienced coach or just beginning your journey, TeachBoost Coach helps keep you organized and focused on results.

From your calendar to evidence to meeting notes, consolidate your coaching work into one place for you and your teachers.


Organize everything in one place.

Bring together your meetings, evidence, classroom visits, action steps and notes into one organized timeline for each teacher. Integration with your existing calendar, GDrive, and web resources lets your every day tools feed directly into TeachBoost Coach, instantly available to your teachers!

Our mobile app (iPhone only, currently) lets you easily capture photos, videos, and meeting notes without a bulky device getting in your way.

It’s easy to see the people I’m working with and what we’ve done; it's faster than sorting through Google Drive. — Instructional Coach, IL

Build better relationships than ever before.

Coaching relationships are built on trust and transparency, and TeachBoost Coach lets you have both. Instantly share evidence, feedback, and resources privately with teachers and allow them to contribute, too!

Whether you're in the middle of a coaching cycle or responding to a teacher request, you'll never lose track of the valuable work you're doing to improve results for students.

Cycle v2
Coach Report

Show your impact to your leaders.

No more filling out coaching logs. TeachBoost Coach generates coaching logs for your principal or administrators that protect teacher confidentiality.

Reports highlight the great work coaches do and align to school and district goals. Break down how you're spending your time, who you're working with, and your most frequent coaching moves.


In addition, TeachBoost Coach includes:

  • Two-way calendar integration with Google and Microsoft.
  • Single sign-in to Google or Office 365 with one click—no extra password needed!.
  • Unmatched customer support with help videos, guides, and FAQ resources.
  • A mobile app to quickly capture photos, videos, and notes during classroom visits (iPhone only, currently)

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