Building quality relationships with teachers is key to successful coaching.

Get it wrong and you could run up against indifference, hostility or resentment. Get it right with TeachBoost Coach and you set the stage for collaborative growth that has a real impact on student outcomes.

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TeachBoost Coach puts confidentiality first, establishing trust between teachers and coaches from the start.

Coaches can personalize their relationship with each teacher, deciding when to take the reins or let the teacher lead. Teachers have full insight into the coaching process and where they’re at at any given point. This all adds up to a safe space in which to experiment, explore and develop teaching practice.

As a new coach, I came to realize that not only is building relationships one of the most important steps to coaching and collaborating with teachers, but that it doesn’t happen overnight either.   —Megan Ryder

In addition, TeachBoost Coach includes:

  • A user-friendly dashboard showing both coach and teacher exactly what to do next.
  • Simple user management letting you add and remove staff as your caseload changes.
  • Custom-built tools for every step of the coaching cycle from goal setting to evidence collection, debrief meetings to action planning.

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