mark-1 What is TeachBoost?

TeachBoost is an instructional leadership platform that integrates evaluation, coaching, and professional learning to build capacity and improve teaching practices.

We designed TeachBoost from the ground up alongside educators, building a flexible, user-friendly platform that aligns to your observation and feedback regimen and is customized to fit your needs. 

mark-1 Why should I use TeachBoost?

Time Savings
  • Use the shared calendar to schedule observations, meet evaluation targets, and review your colleagues' observation itineraries.
  • Align low-inference notes to your framework with a single click.
  • Embed rubric language directly into an observation to provide consistent, calibrated feedback.
  • View a teacher’s profile to see their goals, observations, and feedback history, as well as track progress toward evaluation targets.
  • Share observations with teachers in real time.
  • Allow teachers to log in, seek feedback, set goals, create action plans, and engage in their own professional growth.
Connection to Professional Development Resources
  • Assign actionable, relevant next steps.
  • Attach professional development resources from our free PD library to observation forms and teacher goals.
  • Customize your school's library by uploading your own resources and aligning them to your framework.

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