Introducing the New and Improved Sketch!
More streamlined and intuitive than ever.

From its inception, Sketch was designed as a freeform observation tool that eliminates administrative distractions and matches your current workflow, allowing you to easily and intuitively take notes, align them to your framework, and provide real-time feedback to your educators.

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Big news!

We upgraded our Sketch observation form in partnership with the educators who use our platform every day to support their observation, coaching, and professional growth initiatives.

Thanks to the many educators who provided feedback, acted as beta testers, and championed the use of Sketch in their schools and districts. 


  • A streamlined user interface mimics your scripting workflow and guides you through the observation process in a cleaner, more organic fashion.

  • Updated recovery protections ensure you never lose your observation notes.

  • No more toggling—the teacher-moves/student-moves chart is integrated within the main Sketch form.

  • Greater comment bank accessibility means it’s easier to deliver standardized, rubric-aligned feedback and promote inter-rater reliability.

New Features

  • Goals, next steps, and framework competencies are now embedded on the Sketch scripting page. This allows for greater context when jumping into a classroom.

  • Automatic color-coding helps you organize your notes, thoughts, and feedback.

  • Evidence is now grouped by standard, offering you a better picture of overall performance, streamlining the feedback process, and allowing for better-aligned action steps.

  • Microsoft Word-type features like spellcheck, copy/paste, and CTRL+Z add convenience and comfort.

  • Control the privacy of your feedback on a more granular scale—decide whether to share ratings, evidence, and feedback on a case-by-case basis.